UrbanAct (members and co-workers) has an active presence in Greece since 1998. Our goal is to promote the art and the techniques of alternative form of cultures such as public mural art, graffiti, street art, bicycling etc.

UrbanAct aims to intervene with art in the urban landscape by creating outdoor wall paintings, organising festivals and exhibitions. The murals illustrate the ideas and energy of artists about expressing and creating, the need of familiarisation to public spaces. They also give a reason to push people out of their cages, get out on the streets, get together, talk, watch, put colour and fantasy in their life.

The actions of UrbanAct focus on:

Planning, organising and implementing public murals. The implementation of specific murals programmes. The promotion of voluntary and active participation of the citizens. Organising exhibitions. Creating and supporting publications which promote the art of public murals, graffiti, bicycling etc.

For the achievement of its goals UrbanAct cooperates with famous artists from the graffiti and street art scene, designers, architects, artists, etc. public and private organisations, municipalities, ministries, institutions, citizen movements etc. from Greece and abroad. 

We welcome you to "our online home" and invite you to support our effort for more beautiful cities, with free spaces for creating and expressing. With free people against uniformity and against the aesthetic of "grey".


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For cooperation or participation in a project you can contact us:

E: carpediemact@gmail.com

T: +30 698 593 2159 

    +30 2428 0 99748